With over 30+ years of combined real estate experience in the Greater Toronto Area, Bob and Rhonda have been the leaders of a successful real estate team and have held positions of leadership roles in various brokerages. It only made sense for them to take the next step and create something they were passionate about which allowed them to empower others on a larger platform with Our Neighbourhood Realty. Bob and Rhonda are devoted to their family and their community and have served on many community boards and sponsored many teams over the years. They not only live in “Our Neighbourhood”, but they serve “Our Neighbourhood.” Their attitude is to always come from abundance and gratitude. This Journey of Blue is an exciting road ahead for them as they partner with life long friends, Luiz & Paula, and change the face of real estate.

Luiz and Paula Lameiras, both raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, emigrated to Canada in 1994 with their young daughter. As the family expanded, they settled in the community of Courtice. Luiz has been self employed since his early 20’s, initially in the manufacturing and hospitality industries as well as formal training in Architectural Design and Building Construction. His love of everything in the Real Estate world is equally matched with love for fast cars. Both Luiz and Paula have a passion for travel, good food, family and friends. Their philanthropic side is fed through such organizations as Mission work in Africa and closer to home in the sponsorship of local community events and bursaries. The value of community should never be underestimated. They are both very excited and grateful to share this new venture, “Our Neighbourhood Realty”, with long-time friends Bob and Rhonda.

Gary and Darlene Hibbert have been partners for over 20 years. They worked at financial institutions through most of their early career years. Wanting wealth and freedom in their lives, and through a change in mindset, paired with perseverance, they transitioned into Real Estate Investors. They purchased their first investment property in 2008, and through this process, realized that there was an opportunity to create an enterprise that could encompass all aspects of Real Estate Investing. From mortgage brokers to home inspectors, lawyers to accountants, they have built a Real Estate education company with a strong focus on business partnerships. Helping every day individuals build their own Real Estate Portfolios by teaching them, through mindset, anything is possible. To further educate people, Gary has started a podcast series, “Real Talk With Gary”, hosting different experts monthly.