Is Real Estate Right for me?

Over the past few years managing my own real estate team and a couple different brokerages, I found the same question gets asked many times during the interview process?


Do you think I would be good at real estate?

Can you teach me how to sell real estate?


Both are pretty loaded questions but when we scale it down, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.  So often, we as people tend to overthink, over worry and make things way more complicated than they need to be.


Saying that, Real Estate is definitely NOT for everyone.  With this Profession comes much responsibility, continued learning, and staying up to date on the ever-changing market.  This coupled with people who are selling because of a dissolving relationship or financial troubles can bring out a side of people you may otherwise never see.


Being great at real estate is being passionate about people and putting the needs of others before you.  When you help others achieve their dreams, you will automatically achieve yours!  Being committed to the process and not the results are key! It takes a lot of effort, time and commitment to build your client base.


Selling real estate first is building relationship with people.  Many people ask can you teach me to sell? My response is, “Are you good at building relationship with others?” If you can confidently answer that question then you’re well on your way.  People work with those they can trust and if you can build rapport and build trust you will find you can convert many of the leads you generate!


I’m super passionate about helping others find the nuggets within themselves and I’m happy to chat with you!  If you are thinking about a career in real estate or if your business has plateaued please feel free to come in and meet with us!


We want to partner in your success!



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